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When We SHOULD Blame It On The Media


When a comedy show rant can do what the collective wisdom of MSM “journalism” can’t seem to. From Philly.com:

The Stewart piece also got the kind of eyeballs that most newsrooms would kill for in this digital age — planted atop many, many major political, media and business Web sites — and the kind of water-cooler chatter that journalists would crave in any age. In a time when newspapers are flat-out dying if not dealing with bankruptcy or massive job losses, while other types of news orgs aren’t faring much better, the journalistic success of a comedy show rant shouldn’t be viewed as a stick in the eye — but a teachable moment. Why be a curmudgeon about kids today getting all their news from a comedy show, when it’s not really that hard to join Stewart in his own idol-smashing game.

Full post here. I used to think no one was trying to kill journalism, just the obsolete delivery platform called newspapers. Now I’m not so sure. Could be that Old Journalism needs to wither on the vine alongside their precious newspapers too? Hmmmm…