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“Read This Crappy Magazine Or Four Reporters Die!”


ROFL, as the above title was the kick-off comment after a short article in the New York Observer about how key print editors have been reduced to begging for their audience (online version of NYO of course, as we all know how hard it is to interact with a dead tree) :

“Look, I need you,” said (Newsweek editor) Mr. Meacham. “And I need—I’ve got people out there risking their lives right now. The Economist is not, by the way …” He changed tack again. “I’ve got four people in Baghdad who could be killed at any moment who are trying to tell the truth the best they can of that story. We have people in 13 different countries. We have a guy in Afghanistan who has Taliban sources who the federal government has asked about because we have better intelligence than government does—he’s risking his life.”

Granted, I’d not want to face the graduate department of the Columbia J-School, where this inglorious exchange took place as I cannot imagine a more pompous, elitist-grown crowd on the planet. Full story here, but the Comments section is the best part.

Interestingly enough, Newsweek isn’t really so awful as the young guns at Columbia J-School make it out to be. (And doesn’t their attitude kinda remind you of a similar attitude, say one belonging to a special-needs local scribbler at a fading “alt” paper around Atlanta who firmly believes he’s God’s gift to journalism too? As if such little yappy wankers could stand a moment of hard news coverage in a place like… Iraq. Hell, Special Needs Scribbler from the ATL couldn’t cover a tornado aftermath scene in Rome, GA without whining to his creepy boss about how hard it was, but I diverge…)

After all, Newsweek was hot on the trail of the McCain lobby-ette eruption story too; the NYTimes just beat ’em to the punch. As one commenteer said about Newsweek, “try re-branding.” Works like a charm, eh? Let’s “re-brand” Iraq while we’re at it. Maybe send over Caren West to re-decorate stuff.  It’s a Re Re Re kinda world.