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The Oversized Mouth Of Chez Pazienza


And boy don’t we love it! Young Chez Pazienza will not shut-up with the pooping on the heads of CNN bigshots. My kinda guy. If I was hiring, I’d snap Loudmouth Chez up in a second… if CNN hired him back. Which they’re not likely to ever do. From the scene of the blogging crime, The Huffington Post:

My only hope is that Ed Litvak’s departure from American Morning will somehow be good for the show, although I’m inclined to think that until someone puts an arm around Jon Klein, writes something nice about him, then pushes him out the door, nothing’s going to change. It’ll just be more of the same nonsense.

(FYI, Jon Klein is the Pres. of CNN. I love how Chez just by-passes all the little people and goes straight to the top.)

Screw ’em, hon… you were born to the blogosphere. Now go take your rightful place in one of the many mansions to be found here.

UPDATE: Well, he already has. Should have known. Chez’s delightfully titled blog is here. Which of course makes me want to now, instead of going to the gym where I should be, commence digging around for an old, dusty photo of this editor as a teen in that the same Parisian place Chez’s blog is double-ententred for.