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Georgia Libertarians Had A Good Night Out In The ATL


Longtime Georgia political, Libertarian blogger Jason Pye didn’t win the category (Online/Multimedia) he was nominated for tonight at the Atlanta Press Club 2009 Awards of Excellence and Journalist of the Year. Veteran journalist Jim Walls did. Congrats to Jim!

Bob Barr, Daniel Adams and other prominent Libertarian Party of Georgia folk were there tonight at the awards ceremony to support Jason too. See pic.

However, Jason being represented is a huge step forward for the Georgia political blogosphere. Having a blogger as a finalist in the The Atlanta Press Club Awards of Excellence race is a good thing, and the culmination of hard, mostly thankless work on the part of Jason Pye.

It’s a big step, and I’m so freakin’ proud of Jase and all the other Georgia bloggers that I could hug ’em all. They’re doing good work and moving forward, and next year I want to see many more Georgia bloggers represented in the APC annual journalism awards.

And many congrats to the very deserving Dale Russell who won Journalist of the Year tonight from the Atlanta Press Club. Russell won for his team’s hard work in, quite literally, bringing down the (GA) House… the whole Glenn Richardson, er, affair. (Of which I will not recount here.)

I’m tickled pink that I have so many nominees as Facebook friends. It’s an online world now, kiddies. Good journalism and friends are always worth sharing. ūüôā

Political Blogger Day Declared At Georgia State Capitol


Blog Action Day – October 15, 2008


The blog topic for Blog Action Day on Wednesday Oct. 15th is poverty. One thing we could blog about locally is the dire situation at the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB). A story from WABE/GPB on just how bad it is for the ACFB is here.

And watch this blog, Mostly Media, for more on what we here in Atlanta can do/blog about on Blog Action Day, or whenever you darn well feel like it, to address the issue of poverty in our own backyard.

Add your blog. Add your voice. Add your action!

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Welcome To The TWO-Way Info Highway, Son


Here’s yet another case of a person with a MSM background jumping into the blogosphere, likely thinking they’re going to be a big shot¬†here too, and that you just kinda dupe everything over the way you were taught to do on whatever news farm you was raised up on.

I don’t know why, but almost inevitably, one of the first things these men folk do (it’s always the men folk, never the women) is come after me. When I am inevitably the very first and bravest blogorati¬†wench¬†to champion their very, albeit virtual, existence in the first place!

Oh well. I guess they too will figure out that such betryals will cost dearly as I will just¬†inevitably, sigh, write a few retorts hither and yon, if I can even be¬†bothered to do so that is; then calmly¬†burn their fields, behead their wives, and steal their children¬†to polish my silver. And to think it didn’t need to end-up so ugly. Pity really.

Have the parlor maid wake me at noon, James. And no sooner.

The Oversized Mouth Of Chez Pazienza


And boy don’t we love it! Young Chez Pazienza will not shut-up with the pooping on the heads of CNN bigshots. My kinda guy. If I was hiring, I’d snap Loudmouth Chez up in a second… if CNN hired him back. Which they’re not likely to ever do. From the scene of the blogging crime, The Huffington Post:

My only hope is that Ed Litvak’s departure from American Morning will somehow be good for the show, although I’m inclined to think that until someone puts an arm around Jon Klein, writes something nice about him, then pushes him out the door, nothing’s going to change. It’ll just be more of the same nonsense.

(FYI, Jon Klein is the Pres. of CNN. I love how Chez just by-passes all the little people and goes straight to the top.)

Screw ’em, hon… you were born to the blogosphere. Now go take your rightful place in one of the many mansions to be found here.

UPDATE: Well, he already has. Should have known. Chez’s delightfully titled blog is here. Which of course makes me want to now, instead of going to the gym where I should be, commence¬†digging around for an old, dusty photo of this editor¬†as a teen in that the same Parisian place¬†Chez’s¬†blog is double-ententred for.