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Do Over



Over 30 years after this portrait was taken of my family/step-family in the 70’s (I forget which year. ’72 or ’73 likely), my family/step-family will be gathering for a portrait again. Same people, same place. Minus that wonder dog, Spud.

Spud belonged to the photographer, a family friend. She, of course, has long since gone to reap her most-just rewards in the Happy Hunting Ground. Spud remains possibly the best dog I ever knew. She healed broken hearts. She really did. But that’s a story for another time, and I diverge…

The photographer was/is South Carolina artist/teacher, Blake Praytor. If you have Flash, you can view a gallery of his work samples here. (You Who fans won’t want to miss the shot of Pete Townsend from the early 70’s “Jumpsuit Tour.”)