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Defending Georgia’s Indefendable


Why pollster Matt Towery goes well out of his way to champion Georgia’s two most utterly loathsome political creatures, Ralph Reed and now Newt Gingrich, is beyond me. No, it’s not really beyond me, but it’s just icky. Talk about sniffing around the tainted goods. From Towery, writing today for Southern Political Report:

If John McCain and the GOP want to thank someone for helping turn around what seemed a dead-in-the-water campaign in a matter of weeks, they can thank former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Gingrich chose not to enter the 2008 presidential race, but his decision to use his “think tank” American Solutions organization to push for a “Drill Here, Drill Now” petition back in the spring is likely the source of John McCain’s miraculous rebound in the polls.

How stupid does Newt Gingrich still think we are? That we’ll fall for that good ‘ole empty-rhetoric bullshit and Rovian-style spin about Drill Here. Drill Now. As stupid as an arm-waving, hallucinating, religion-addled evangelical, the kind who get all glassy-eyed and foamy at the mouth (and mind) when John McCain responds to Pastor Rick Warren’s question about what in the gosh darn heck are we gonna do with Mr. Evil? Why Defeat it! of course, busted out a dogma-tarted-up McCain that fateful night on Saddleback Mountain. But I diverge…

John Stewart’s take on all that Drill Here. Drill Now yadayadayada is below. There’s absolutely no way I could say it better.

As for Republican campaign stalker Ralph Reed, the bad date that won’t go away for McCain, other than the new Obama ad running in Georgia painting him (Reed), whew, finally as the stinky cheesey shuckster he really is, I direct your attention yet again to… The Book of Ralph. One read says it all. Or just let Brother Bill Maher preach you the gospel for a few. (Always my preferred reality delivery device.)

And that, Mr. T, is the reality of how our peach-flavored tainted political goods play in the new political media powerhouse – the netroots political media comedy nation.

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