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Georgia Media Unaware of… Georgia Media


I’m not going to get my feelings hurt that I didn’t win the Atlanta Press Club’s Journalist of the Year Award for Multimedia/Online Reporting. For, bless my own heart, I didn’t even realize there WAS such a catagory to compete in! Else I’d have submitted an entry. And bless my heart again, I’m even a rather active member of the APC. My bad for not being involved enough to know.

But bless their hearts too at the APC as their outreach to non-traditional media sources, such as blogs, bloggers, video bloggers, content creators, indie-style reporters, writers, commentators and journalists, really just kinda sucks. Even within their own plantation. No sour grapes though, but I’ll be ready for next year with plenty of submission possibilities to shuffle through for consideration by then.

So any other multimedia/online reporter/journalist/writer/blogger types out here in Georgia…. be thinking of entering regional journalism competitions with your most-excellent work too. (I’ll be sure to let you know when the deadline for submissions is for next year’s APC’s annual awards.) You’re ready to take this next important step, and so is your good work.

And congratulations to Jason Bronis of the AP for winning this year’s APC’s Journalist of The Year Award in the Multimedia/online Reporting category. I’d link you to something of his, but I might get sued!

If you’re interested you will find, behind the break, a typical sampling of my multimedia/online reporting work (this time for the Huffington Post’s Off The Bus project) and how it was singled-out as what that particular online political reporting project is looking for. Read the rest of this entry

Is It Happy Hour Yet?


Atlanta Press Club happy hour mixer tonight. At the hot, hot, hot Maxim Prime on Marietta St. All welcome! 6-9pm. Free, but please register, and get details, here.

Take A Load Off, Ms. Walters


It was a moment in history for me to see and hear Barbara Walters today. She is a cultural icon, and a true broadcasting pioneer. Walters spoke casually, bawdily, and with openness and honesty for about 15 minutes. Then answered some questions.

Walters seemed somewhat weary, worldly, and very wise. In a way, her message today before a room of her peers at the Atlanta Press Club was… careful what you ask for; you might get it. And you will have NO idea of the price you might have to pay, the personal sacrifices of day-to-day simple pleasures and happiness in the process.

I was a bit in awe. She was so honest, and it came through to me as a portrait of human bravery, fragility, and steely strength… all wrapped up in one iconic package.

I Twittered live during her talk and Q&A. Here’s the text of that:

A chance to interview bin Laden? “I’d pack tomorrow.” says Barbara.
Walters jokingly said list of interviews in her book is actually list of people she slept with!
Walters does a very fast “bawawawa.”
Walters, “The View is not a news program.”
Walters says worst interview was Warren Beatty. Hardest was Christopher Reeve.
Walters says her life is not private, and she wanted to tell the truth.
Barbara at the APC podium – Photo: http://bkite.com/00dZ5
Walters says Bev. Sills gave her her ring on deathbed. It said “I’ve done that.”
Walters, “I don’t want to climb any more mountains.”
Barbara dispelling any notion of an affair with Castro. 25 years between interviews! “Some relationship.”
Walters’ father lost every thing. So she had to support the family.
Walters’ ultimate influence was her sister.
Walters saying her book is her “whole package.” Warts, resentment, love & all.
Walters telling war stories. She’s riveting. She’s saying journalism has gone too celeb for her tastes. Hmmm.
Barbara being intro’d now.
At the incomparable Jacqui Chew’s table.
Just tried to snap some shots of Bawa. “No pictures!”
Hope I’m seated near AJC table!
Just bussed by Tom Houck & Mo Baker.

Bloggers – Atlanta MSM Public Enemy #1?



ATL bloggers… your attention and attendance is needed Thursday night at this blogosphere-related Atlanta Press Club event. Shower optional.

Ethics and New Media: How the Blogosphere is Affecting Journalism and Business

Dr. John Knapp
, Director of GSU Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Thursday, March 27, 2008
5:30 – 6:30 PM – Reception with hors d’oeuvres and cash bar
6:30 – 7:30PM – Panel Discussion

The Commerce Club
16th Floor
34 Broad Street
Atlanta, GA 30303
Please click here for directions to The Commerce Club.
This event is free for APC members and $15 for non-members.

You must register in advance here. This is also a good time to press for membership in the APC if you are not a member already. Word.