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It’s War!


(A southern reb’s favorite words, eh?!) New media guru Jeff Jarvis is calling on all bloggers for a show of solidarity against the AP’s desire to pick a fight over bloggers quoting too much from their (the AP’s) stories.

Since I just asked Bob Barr to be my Facebook pal, think I’ll fire-off my personal flury of e-solidarity with a nice, long, way-over-the-four-word-limit quote here from an AP story about Barr, the homie’s, dreams of a third-party bid for President of our United States of ‘Merica. Here ‘ya go AP:

Democrats seem gleeful at the prospect. Tad Devine, a Washington-based Democratic strategist, said Republicans “are crazy if they aren’t worried about Barr.”

“Undoubtedly any votes he gets come out of McCain’s votes,” Devine said. “He hurts them.”

Barr, a former federal prosecutor, was swept into Congress with more than 70 other House GOP freshmen in 1994. An articulate, sometimes outspoken orator, he gained attention as the first lawmaker to call for Clinton’s resignation over the Monica Lewinsky scandal and was one of the House prosecutors who pressed the impeachment case in the Senate.

Barr also was known during his four terms in the House for his opposition to softening drug laws, including the medical use of marijuana, and his support for gun rights. He tried unsuccessfully to bar military bases from according witchcraft adherents the same accommodations as other religious worshippers.

Linky love back to Jarvis’ post, FU AP, is here. One thing to note… AP called a pow-wow with Robert Cox of the Media Bloggers Association, of which I think I’m still a member. (Likely not one in very good standing though.) Hmmmm. Not so sure I like that idea at all. Seems Bob Cox wants to fence us bloggers in almost as much as the AP. Plus, he’s one of those Red Staters.

Did no one at the AP ever follow the news about what happened to, say, the entire music industry? And like music and songs and stuff? I’m gonna watch this one from the sidelines here in Interweb la-la land. We Southerners know all too well what happens when you try to keep ’em all quiet and nice-like on the plantation.

All I’ve got left to say to either party, MBA or AP, is… good luck with that cat herdin’ of yours.

Hey AP, Hot New Game Called FourWordExcerpts


Since the AP says they’ll have to start charging bloggers if they go over a 4-word limit when quoting from the AP Media Plantation, let’s just play the hot new game… Four Word Excerpts. This one falls squarely in the Careful What You Ask For category.

“Real” Reporter At GPB Likely In Total Shock By Now


Get the smellin’ salts, Pork! Oh poor Capelouto… not only are the rogues at Cox Plantation linking to bloggers today, but Atlanta blogger content direct from the Gold Dome (Shelby’s) is, GASP, getting picked-up and distributed by… the Associated Press. Oh how the sky is falling!

[livevideo id=B7F16661FEB548F6B3C46F68250CFE0E/543838/street-team-08-the-democrats.aspx]
Street Team ’08: The Democrats’ right to defend