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Pledge To Call WABE And Ask… May I Have Some Better Programming, Please M’aam?


So WABE’s Fall Pledge Drive has begun. Thus I’m listening to Neal Boortz… for as long as I can take it, which should be about as long as I can take Pledge Drive blather. Then it’s on to Voice of the Arts 1690 WMLB, but that wonderful station is owned by Joe Weber, who taketh away with the other hand by polluting our AM airwaves daily with ‘wingnut, hate-monger shows on his other station, AM 1160 – Atlanta News Talk.

What’s a morning radio gal gonna do? Listen to Radio Paradise on the Internets is what I’m gonna go do. But in the meantime, please join the Facebook Group 6 Hours A Day = 6 Too Many to support a call-out to (again… public radio) WABE for more diverse public programming in the morning. Six hours a day of only classical is just way too damn much classical.

Tips and tricks for what to do and what to say when you call in to WABE during pledge drive are here. And pasted below. From an anonymous WABE insider:

After Morning Edition goes off the air and we start broadcasting classical music, our listenership numbers go into the toilet. But, ironically, it is these loyal few listeners who support the station. And in a BIG way. Unfortunately, until people start being more vocal with their demand for more news/current affairs programming, and making sure the management realizes the money attached, things will not change. Not supporting the station is the wrong thing to do. When pledge comes up, call in and donate–but donate a SMALL amount, even if just a few dollars. Be sure to say that if your voice was heard, and there was more news (local and NPR), you would gladly give more. Believe me, if even just a handful of people do this, the highers-up will take note.

We all do what we can. Right? Right.

Vomit, Barf, Gag, Hurl, Doo-Doo Coming From AM-1160


How to really waste a perfectly good morning. Not to mention brain cells:

Newstalk 1160 “The Talk of the Town is proud to announce three great additions to our lineup: Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, and Dennis Miller. Starting Tuesday, listeners can tune in to hear Ingraham 9am-12noon, O’Reilly 3pm-5pm, and Miller 5pm-7pm.

When asked (writing this press release rather) about the change in programming Vice President and General Manager, Jeff Davis replied, “We feel that along with Mancow, Dr. Laura, and Lou Dobbs, the addition of these three heavyweights gives us one of the strongest lineups in America, let alone Atlanta.”

Full press release here. Joe Weber should have just baked cupcakes for a living, but as there’s no end to the ridiculously laughable features of the male ego, he now feels compelled to pollute the airwaves with toxic lipflapper waste. Pity.