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Stop The Classical Madness At WABE!


I can’t take it any more… 6 hours of classical music programming a day at WABE = 6 too many. Apparently I’m not the only one. So I started a Facebook Group called 6 Hours A Day = 6 Too Many! Please join the group if you’re on Facebook. And let’s let WABE know, by Fall Pledge Drive time too, that we’re very unhappy out here on the receiving end of the airwaves with being held hostage to 6 hours of tedious classical programming a day… especially when we could be hearing some news and talk and other more timely and progressive PUBLIC programming.

Not a dime out of me over there at WABE until things change around that media plantation!

Contact info for WABE is here:
740 Bismark Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(678) 686-0321

NOTE: Anyone who would like to donate a far better graphic/logo to 6 Hours = 6 Too Many! campaign, please do so! Send to spaceygracey at bellsouth dot net, and I’ll get it up on the Facebook Group page right away.