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Arianna Huffington – Lone Tim Russert Hater


Well, not really. You’ll find loads of Tim Russert bashing at the always-vile DailyKos, a hideous blog I wouldn’t even deign to link to. (Well, maybe once.) But Arianna The Great (“Opportunist”) had a very public feud going with Russert for a while now. Wonder who she’ll turn her ammo on now that he’s dead? From NY Daily News:

Huffington said her swipes (at Russert) provoked NBC and MSNBC to ban her from the air, just as she was promoting a book.

Russert and his wife, Maureen Orth, said Huffington was the one with a vendetta. They contended that her spleen was payback for a 1994 Vanity Fair exposé Orth did on her former husband, Michael Huffington. Orth also claimed in a 2004 speech that Huffington was “the most ruthless, opportunistic person I’ve ever encountered.” As evidence, she pointed to Republican political consultant Ed Rollins‘ memoir, in which he claimed Huffington hired a detective to snoop on Orth.

Full post here. Fer chrissake… all these pointless people we can’t stop reading and posting about live in such elitist media castles I am hatin’ on ’em all about right now. Ed Rollins? He practically oozes oily sleeze right through the Big TV every night on CNN. And if I was going to hire a PI to snoop on someone, it sure wouldn’t be Tim Russert’s boring wife.

Yep, having a bit of a sour grapes kinda day ’round the WaySouth Media Plantation here.

Scott McClellan – Media Ho of the Year


What a coward Scott McClellan is. He should have stood up and been a man and taken a stance against the thieves and liars in the White House when he was there witnessing to it all, not during the window of most profit opportunity for his new book sales.

As one commenteer to Jay Bookmans’ column about McClellan’s tell-all says:

Maybe (Tony) Snow will be next. Listening to him in the past I have thought surely he can not be THAT obtuse to believe this line of BS. You watch, Snow and then blondie (Dana Perino) will “tell all” next. The cockroaches are starting to swarm away form the garbage dumb that is this Administration.

They’re all just cheap media whores. So far, Valerie Plame has taken the fall for all these White House employee clowns. I hope she is one day remembered as a martyr for the sins of the Cheney/Bush years, including the most cowardly of ‘em all, McClellan.

If I was McClellan’s momma, I’d disown him now. No, I take that back. First I’d slap him, then I’d disown him. Then tell everyone I knew not to buy his book, but rather just steal the damn thing. Because of course we all must read it now.

Gone Baby Gone, Love Is Gone. Away.


Longtime Atlanta writer and sex advice guru, Michael Alvear, is on the cover of Creative Loafing this week. With his sad tale of Brit-love gone away. Having experienced overseas lovers’ angst and pain myself, long long ago, it really is a special kind of geography-induced heartache, one that sticks around for a lifetime. Oh well, cheer-up Michael hon. You can always pal around the ATL with Andisheh Nouraee if times get tough.

Gag Me With Your SXSW Experience


It’s barely started, but if you’re as sick of SXSW as the rest of the people who aren’t there, help yourself to a fake SXSW Twitter stream from Mat. Hahahahahahahahah!