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Good Luck With That Olympics Embargo Thing, NBC


Don’t want to wait for NBC’s ridiculously delayed coverage of the Olympics? There are plenty of places to get it now, get it live. The NYTimes Olympics blog has a list of what’s going on here. And Silicon Valley Insider has many tips and tricks on where to get it all live and off the NBC media plantation using the tubes.

“Exclusive” and “embargoed” – two words that need to be retired from the broadcasting milieu with the advent of live Internet streaming.

BONUS FEATURE: The NYTimes also has this nifty Olympics Events Tracker tool you can customize to optimize your many sporting options during The Games.

Foreign Reform School


What’s remarkable is not so much that the British tabloid press kept their big fat mouths shut about Prince Harry’s whereabouts for three whole months; rather it’s utterly astonishing that Harry stayed out of a bar for three whole months! There truly must be no watering holes in all of the ‘Gan (as oh-so-seasoned westerners who’ve been there call it) or Harry’d have found ’em all. From the NYTimes:

“This was a fantastic publicity coup for Buckingham Palace,” Mr. Horrie said.

Given the prince’s reputation, the wily British press had built a special condition into the deal: the embargo would apply only to the prince’s military role.

“If Prince Harry had managed to find a nightclub in Kabul, that news would have been acceptable to report,” Mr. Satchwell said.

Full story here. Sign-up Britney for her de-toxifying tour of duty next.