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Well La-Dee-Da


Another bountiful harvest for the Cox Plantation Used Car Lot. From a Dopey Press Release of the Day:

Channel 2 Action News won every newscast time period in head to head competition in the April Sweeps which ran March 27-April 23, 2008.

More patting of one’s own back from self-congratulatory, WSB-generated press release here.

Were There Mountains of Cocaine Too?!


This press release about some really weird place in Georgia is just cracking me the f up! I’ll let it do the same for you:

Heron Bay Residents Enjoy Groovy ’70s Party

The Heron Bay Community Association and Social Activities Committee held a “groovy and far out” ’70s party for residents at the Heron Bay Lodge last weekend. The theme was set with brightly-colored and decade-appropriate décor. Food was catered by Momma’s Little Helper. Residents danced to the biggest hits of the 1970s under a spinning disco ball and awards were given to the best outfit, hairstyle and dance moves.

“Our ’70s disco party was great,” said Carla Cooper, Heron Bay Community Association’s Events Coordinator. “The residents danced the night away.”

More total suburban tribal wackiness here. And that’s your Dopey Press Release of the Day!