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AJC Shifting Folk Around As LA Times Tries e-Billboards


I love the e-billboards concept to promote “news product.” As if we weren’t all about to wreck our cars at any moment while texting and drinking coffee and driving…

From the San Antonio Business Journal:

The Los Angeles Times will use the electronic billboards to display exclusive news content from its print and online editions and special editorial features like the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and the Metromix L.A. events, culture and nightlife guide.

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reorganizing its sales and marketing functions, and its advertising vice president and classified ads director are leaving.

The daily newspaper, whose circulation is dropping, said Wednesday it has separated its sales execution and sales operations, promoting Ranald MacDonell to vice president of advertising sales. He’ll be responsible for driving revenue across all advertising categories, the paper said. MacDonell was previously the AJC’s vice president of targeted media.

How about some of those e-boards, eh Ranald (wtf) MacDonell? Give us something to do here in our traffic wonderland that is the ATL.

Where Were You While We Were Getting High?


This is just plain meanness, and things are really pathetic on Marietta Street when they make their Pulitzer Prize winners face their “audience” via the crude muck that is the blogosphere. Blogging is simply not for everyone. Anyone who’s spent even an hour blogging could tell you that.

But bureaucrats don’t actually DO things like submerge themselves in cyberspace for a few years to find out, firsthand, what it’s all about. Rather, they just hear they should be “interacting” someplace they personally would never be caught dead at; for example, the Clermont Lounge twenty years ago.

Sign of a perfect bureaucrat? When they have no qualms about making others slum for them. Then everyone on Marietta can pass themselves off as being so “in the know.” Even carrying on like “online leaders.” Careful what you ask for.

The AJC’s bureaucrats, maybe even a Director of Culture and Change, remind me of the evil step-sisters in Cinderella who wish to cram their feet, or Cynthia Tucker’s delicate toes in this particular case, into glass sausage casings, making them appear… obnoxious and ugly.

Leave Cindy T. to her quiet hearth and ashes, for chrissake.

Detain These MSM Reporters!!!


Cyber Alert! Cyber Alert! APB. Call HLS. Call GBI.  Call some kinda Ministry of Information. And get me Suzanna Capelouto of GPB on the phone… NOW.

Two balding, middle-aged reporters reported to be violating ethical principles of one person at a state public news outlet. Rogue reporters and their minds are said to be exclusive property of Anne Cox Chambers, Cox Media Plantation. Last seen typing into electronic devices either in living room or MSM newsroom on Marietta. Said to be linking to local uncertified, uncredentialed blogger via a Cox Plantation electronic column (aka “blog”) belonging exclusively to Cox family members. Credibility meter may be crashing. We repeat… credibility meter may be crashing. Ethics meter likely doomed.

Cox Plantation’s Best Idea Ever!



WSB-TV Channel 2 (Comcast 03, or affectionately “Death Star 2” in local TV World) will be launching The Hawaii 5-O channel! Freakin’ awesome as that’s my favorite TV show of all time. I just think about its famous opener – the first ever TV show to use quickie-zoom camera techniques juiced-up alongside that pounding, vaguely ominous surf music – and it still gives me the shivers.

OK, I got just a little carried away there, but DS2 will be launching Retro Television Network. This is fabulous, just fabulous news, especially for those, and they are legion no doubt, who were raised on weird-household farms & schemes run by hippies who didn’t allow television to pollute the air of their freakabodes, nor their children, throughout the 60’s and 70’s.

Full press release here. Think Christmas come early, and let’s get Anne that new Gulfstream she’s had her eye on as we tune-in to Retro Television Network now… at Comcast 248.

Of course, given a choice, I’d rather just download it from somewhere other than Cox Plantation so that we don’t have to continue to feed the Cox family their dino-media fois gras.