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Student Press Law Center Questions Legitimacy of GSU/GPB Agreement To Run WRAS



The Student Press Law Center’s executive director, Frank LoMonte, has sent a blistering, scathing really, 5-page letter to Georgia State University president Mark Becker declaring GSU’s agreement (hammered out in great secrecy and urgency by GSU and GPB so GPB could grab GSU’s student-run station, WRAS, and hand it over to the grownups of GPB) essentially wrong on every possible level, and merely the paper result of ragingly arrogant and “tone-deaf,” possibly illegal, behaviors on the part of Becker. And some equally bad lawyerin’ on the part of the GSU attorney, Kerry Heyward.

From the letter:

Your (Becker’s) remarks as quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on May 7 are, quite frankly, contemptuous and tone-deaf. Your assertion that “anything with this level of complexity and this level of benefit really is not the kind of thing you can play out in a public forum” is exactly, 100 percent wrong. Things that are “beneficial” will be understood and welcomed by the people they are intended to benefit, unless you hold those people — your students — in such low regard that you believe they are incapable of being reasoned with.

LoMonte then goes on to urge GSU and GPB to not try to get rid of any of their documents associated with their agreement, as he’s gonna sue to the crap out of them. Possibly.

Take time to read the document in its entirety. The SPLC is making all the right legal moves to shut down not only poorly constructed legal agreements, but also, hopefully, the petite bourgeoisie criminals plaguing state organizations such as GPB and GSU. 

Royal Marshall RIP


Atlanta radio personality, comedian, father, husband, and friend to so many in this town and elsewhere, Royal Marshall, has died. To say it was unexpected and tragic seems inadequate.

It was unexpected, so very sudden. Last night. He just collapsed and died. He was only 43. And just kinda always out there…. whether on Facebook, or slapping around Boortz as the ubiquitous side man, or doing stand-up at the Punchline.

I had the great fortune to take Jeff Justice’s Level II Comedy Workshoppe with Royal. We all learned so much from watching him, hanging around him, sensing his style and unpretentious, super-smart ways. He was the person in the room everyone wanted to be around. That bright-light personality everyone wanted to bask in and be like.

Royal was just part of being an Atlantan. And now that inherent sense of place and person is gone. I miss him already. RIP Royal. The world needs so many more just like you.

Six Hours of Classical Programming A Day At WABE Is Six Too Many


It’s pledge drive time at WABE. One of my fave times of the year to taunt Lois Reitzes. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of Atlanta’s FM 90.1 WABE six hours of classical-only programming a day, not even including weekends, then do something about it!

Join the Facebook Group 6 Hours = 6 Too Many. And call up WABE during pledge drive, pledge the minimum acceptable amount and tell ’em you’d love to give more if you got more. Remember kiddies, it’s YOUR public radio station too. Not just APS’s.

Here’s my last year’s video promo for 6 Hours A Day = 6 Too Many. I really need to get a new pair of glasses…

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Bernie Marcus’ Media Message Just Strange


There’s a not-so-fine line between a compelling media op and crass exploitation of people in misery. And yeah, we mostly call it “local TV news.” But today we can add promoting one’s cause and enterprise to the mix, and call it Just Plain Weirdness In Bernie’s Fish Tank. From a press release from the Sheperd Spinal Center:

Several military veterans currently in rehabilitation for spinal cord or brain injuries at Shepherd Center will take a break from therapy to swim with thousands of fish, including whale sharks, at the Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

The vets will be joined during the swim by Bernie Marcus, founder of The Home Depot and the benefactor of the Georgia Aquarium. Marcus is a leading proponent for helping injured soldiers receive the medical care they need following their tours of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The swim begins at 10:30 a.m. (TODAY) and lasts for 30 minutes. Members of the media are welcome to film or photograph veterans as they prepare to enter the water and as they swim.

Full press release here. God help PR and rich people. Sometimes they sure don’t know what they do.

Amani Talks With Soledad O’Brien About “Black In America” – Part 2




As a longtime producer and promoter of southern culture on the Interwebs, I was delighted to meet-up with two fine southern gentlemen during taping of an episode of Atlanta Business Radio with Amy Otto and Lee Kantor.

Jay Hale and Jake Laughlin have launched a terrific southern culture portal: Enjoy!

Our podcast about creating southern-oriented online content is available here. Be sure to subscribe to Atlanta Business Radio with your iTunes so you won’t miss a thing!

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The Shower From Hell


Gag me with yet another lipflapper. From a press release:

ATLANTA:  Tomorrow Atlantans will have the opportunity to welcome a new genre of talk radio into their homes, morning commutes and even showers!  NewsTalk 1160…The Talk of the Town is set to take over Business Radio 1160—revamping radio signals across Atlanta with a fresh, new line-up.   “We are truly ecstatic about this change,” boasts Jeff Davis, Vice President and General Manager of NewsTalk1160.  “Talk of the Town will bring the nations best talk radio hosts together on the same station providing Atlantans listening choices not currently found on any other station in the market.”   Listeners who tune-in will be welcomed by new, innovative and fresh changes, along with a schedule full of critically-acclaimed and award-winning hosts from across the country. Beginning tomorrow, listeners can look forward to the following weekday line-up: Mancow: 6 a.m. – 9 a.m.In addition to his eclectic and sometimes controversial radio program, Mancow can be spotted making appearances on television programs including Politically Incorrect, David Letterman, Jerry Springer and others.  A weekly contributor to the Fox News Channels “Fox and Friends,” Mancow will certainly provide a breath of fresh air to what was once a business and financial only radio show. Dr. Laura: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Also, Sunday 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.)A queen of self-help radio, Dr. Laura is ranked number four on Talker’s Magazine list of the “250 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts of America.”  Dr. Laura is a best selling author of ten New York Times best-selling books and has been featured on a number of television programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show. Dr. Joy Browne: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Offering “Solutions to life’s intimate problems… one caller at a time” Dr. Joy is among the top radio host in the nation.  Two-time winner of Talker Magazine’s “Best Female Talk Show Host,” Dr. Joy will bring her sharp wit and problem solving skills to NewsTalk 1160 listeners. The Lou Dobbs Show: 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

A journalism legend, Lou Dobbs has won numerous awards, boasting…

That’s ENOUGH of that. Oh please just make it stop.