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Aunt Pitty Be Like



The South’s Best Spoken-Word Artist, Ayodele Heath


“As a two-time Southeastern Regional Slam Champion, and architect of Atlanta’s wildly popular SLAM CITY!, Ayodele, which in the Yoruba tongue means a joy arrives in the house, is blazing a poetic path across the South with performances that laugh, cry, dance and shout”

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Meet Atlanta Photog Shannon McCollum


He’s been called “the Gordon Parks of Hip-Hop,” and has photographed Dead Prez, Goodie Mob, Jermaine Dupri, P. Diddy, Wu Tang Clan, Coretta Scott King, Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, & Cicely Tyson… you get the point.

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The Cultural Revitalization of Atlanta’s Auburn Avenue


Thanks to the vision of new development such as Renaissance Walk and the artists of NEXT, Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn Avenue is experiencing a cultural re-birth.  More info about Renaissance Walk is here. All about the artists’ consortium NEXT is here.

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Videography/producer: Grayson Daughters. Editing/VO: Amani Channel. Client: Rick White of Alisias.

Find Your Inner Patti Smith in ’09


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Photo stream from Patti Smith’s 62nd birthday show at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom is here.  Oh yeah.

A Preview Of Prints To Come


Here’s a preview of the “Do Over” photo session. (See some post below.) It was taken with my really crappy 3 megapixel cam, so it’s not great. Merely a preview of the good stuff to come from some other person’s camera.


Do Over



Over 30 years after this portrait was taken of my family/step-family in the 70’s (I forget which year. ’72 or ’73 likely), my family/step-family will be gathering for a portrait again. Same people, same place. Minus that wonder dog, Spud.

Spud belonged to the photographer, a family friend. She, of course, has long since gone to reap her most-just rewards in the Happy Hunting Ground. Spud remains possibly the best dog I ever knew. She healed broken hearts. She really did. But that’s a story for another time, and I diverge…

The photographer was/is South Carolina artist/teacher, Blake Praytor. If you have Flash, you can view a gallery of his work samples here. (You Who fans won’t want to miss the shot of Pete Townsend from the early 70’s “Jumpsuit Tour.”)

The Magic of Twitter


I thought of Twitter as chiefly a news dissemination and babble-lite tool. Until it introduced me to Israeli political pop artist Mike Darnell and his powerful work. Now if I could only understand Hebrew, I could even hear his words! But art offers its own language of course.

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