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BlogForFood, Live Inteview With Atlanta Community Food Bank at 1:30pm, 10-15-08


Atlanta Community Food Bank at 1:30pm, Wednesday 10-15-08

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“Jargon is insidious.”


This video, about NOT using jargon in business communications (ha), may explain why I just want to slap people who speak like business geekazoids. I’ll take street talk jive and bad grammar over corporate-y, jargon-laden speech any day.  This also reminds me to pay a little more attention to my own use of “access” as a verb. Icky icky, I know.

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WebChallenge Awards Today!


ATLANTA, May 2008 – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Foundation announced recently that four teams of high school students have been selected as finalists for WebChallenge2008. WebChallenge is a yearly web development competition for high school students to win scholarship money to attend Georgia colleges and universities.

Winners of WebChallenge2008 and $15,000 in college scholarship money will be announced at a WebChallenge Awards banquet held at the Christopher W. Klaus Advanced Computing Building, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta Ga 30332, at Georgia Tech on Friday, May 16 from 11am to 2:00pm. Please come!

The keynote speaker for the WebChallenge Awards event will be Chris Klaus, founder of Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS) in his Georgia Tech dorm room. In 2000, at the age of 26, Klaus donated $15 million to Georgia Tech to fund construction of the building that now bears his name. Klaus is now founder and CEO of Atlanta-based 3D virtual worlds provider Kaneva, Inc.

Four teams of high school students are finalists in this year’s WebChallenge competition; teams built and launched interactive applications on the Facebook social network:

North Gwinnett High School:  Alan Barber, Brent O’Neill

Horizon Christian Academy
:  Josh Patton, Josh Halliday, Josh Kilcoyne, Ben Crete

The Weber School:  Josh Mangel, Avi Zolty

Academy of Computing and Information Technology (ACIT):  Christopher King, Joseph Hughes, Stark Riedesel, George Ursu

In the promotional video for WebChallenge2008, Chris Klaus noted that “you see people becoming entrepreneurs at a younger age nowadays” and provided guidance to budding entrepreneurs: “My advice to somebody who has found something that they’re passionate about is to go pursue it with all their might. It’s a great time when you’re young to put all that you have behind a concept.”

WebChallenge is a yearly program of the TAG Foundation, and is organized and managed by Atlanta technology industry volunteers. WebChallenge2008 scholarship awards of $15,000 are funded by global business software provider SAP, Atlanta-based open source software company Appcelerator, and Atlanta technology entrepreneur Wayt King.

For more information contact:  Grayson Daughters at WaySouth Media, 404-216-0387, or

NOTE: The WebChallenge Awards date is wrong in the video. The event date is actually May 16, Friday. Even though I uploaded a new, edited video to to reflect the change to a May 16th date, for some reason the embed code generated by for use on WordPress STILL embeds only the old video. Thus the old video was never entirely deleted from the server. That’s kinda weird.

Welcome To The TWO-Way Info Highway, Son


Here’s yet another case of a person with a MSM background jumping into the blogosphere, likely thinking they’re going to be a big shot here too, and that you just kinda dupe everything over the way you were taught to do on whatever news farm you was raised up on.

I don’t know why, but almost inevitably, one of the first things these men folk do (it’s always the men folk, never the women) is come after me. When I am inevitably the very first and bravest blogorati wench to champion their very, albeit virtual, existence in the first place!

Oh well. I guess they too will figure out that such betryals will cost dearly as I will just inevitably, sigh, write a few retorts hither and yon, if I can even be bothered to do so that is; then calmly burn their fields, behead their wives, and steal their children to polish my silver. And to think it didn’t need to end-up so ugly. Pity really.

Have the parlor maid wake me at noon, James. And no sooner.

The Dog Attack Madness Must Stop


Another day, another innocent metro Atlanta area child mauled by a family, friend’s or neighbor’s dog. How much longer does this hell for children have to go on until dangerous dogs are put down?

Below is the note my child pasted on my bedroom wall this past Sunday, Mother’s Day. Two years ago, Mother’s Day 2006, my child too was attacked by a dog, one “owned” by very stupid, irresponsible people.

And every day I pray, hard, with relief that she is alive to write me any kind of note on Mother’s Day. May you and your child never have to live through that kind of hell. May your children never have to leave you Mother’s Day notes like this. But as long as stupid people keep dangerous animals any place near children, we are all vulnerable.