First Google Glass Enabled Melee, Arrest



An arrest/melee has been captured by a Google Glass wearing citizen. Alert the media! Looks like they’re already churning loads of blahblahblah commentary around this blessed/cursed event — as I too pound a keyboard.

If the NSA is big brother, Glassholes are the new little brother.

Will this ‘change citizen journalism forever’? Do you want to own a pair too? I already wear one pair of tricked-out eyeglasses. Not sure exactly where I’d put all that Google Glass gear on my face.

But sure. I’d give them a whirl! How about for the launch of the 2014 Georgia Legislature? And Better Georgia can use them on some of those backroom loony-tunes’ meetups.

NOTE: If anyone would like to sponsor me wearing a pair of Google Glass(es) during the 2014 Georgia General Assembly, from start to finish, please see me. But do it now!

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