The APS Scandal As Cast Of Harry Potter


Let’s take a cue from The New Republic and re-cast the Harry Potter series with players from the APS cheating scandal! The New Republic did this same exercise with Murdochgate. (It’s a must-peruse.)

Here are some suggestions:

  • Alan Judd – Harry Potter
  • Heather Vogell – Hermione
  • Mark Winne – Ron Weasley
  • Richard Belcher – Neville
  • Bev Hall – Voldemort
  • Cheating teachers – Dementors
  • Sam Williams – Cornelius Fudge
  • Renay Blumenthal – Wormtail
  • Mayor Reed – Lucious Malfoy
  • Tamara Cotton – Umbridge
  • Mike Bowers – Dumbledore
  • Ryan Abbott – Mr. Longbottom
  • Richard Hyde – Snape
  • Kathy Augustine – Nagini
  • Shirley Franklin – Belatrix
  • Vincent Fort – Mr. Weasley
  • Jeff Dickerson – Filch

The above could use fleshing out with a brief explanation, as The New Republic did with each of their choices, but as I’m an unpaid blogger and not a paid journalist I’ll have to crowd-source out the rest of this fun job.

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