Using Twitter In Breaking News. Case Study.


Apply this case study of how to use Twitter for breaking news to any crisis communication effort you need to stay on top of. Click photo to enlarge. From NYCTheBlog:


As you likely know, there was a deadly shooting in Arizona yesterday afternoon that has left six people dead, according to The New York Times. At approximately 2:00pm, Caitie Parker, a high school class mate of the shooter, noted on Twitter that the incident happened “2 minutes from my house.” When the media discovered her, likely because of a smart interview Anthony DeRosa was conducting with here, at least 35 public requests for comment, phone calls and interviews—from local newspapers to national news networks—came into Catie on Twitter from all over the country, as well as overseas.

Article in full here.

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  2. I totally get that it is imperative for the media to get all the info they can on these kind of things but as I looked at the photo I couldn’t help but feel it a little unseemly. The breaking story and different info is what the media is all about, but that photo struck as a tad vulture-esque. Quite a little ethical conundrum I think. Not having gone to J-school, I would imagine there is a whole class devoted to ethics and in this case well warranted.


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