Carol Porter Is So Kim Kardashian


No, Carol Porter has no signature fragrance. I doubt she’s worn much bling out on the relentless, red-clay Georgia campaign trail for Lt. Governor, either. However, she is doing something just the way Kim Kardashian does it – Carol Porter is synching her real-time social media seamlessly into her online campaign presence.

Go to CarolPorter4GA and you are immediately connected to Porter herself – not to a static, processed appeal for donations as most campaign websites tend to present. Porter’s Facebook updates are presented as fresh, updated content on the homepage.

Porter works her Facebook updates very seriously, posting info and news of her day ahead by 6am that morning. You’ve got to be a seriously early riser to keep-up with Carol Porter, whether in social media or out on the grueling campaign trail. There are busy women; then there’s Carol Porter.

Oh, and there’s Kim Kardashian too, who is also a busy woman according to her Twitter feed, which Kardashian obviously personally administers and imports directly into her website’s homepage. For the life of me, I have NO idea what this Kardashian woman does for the planet to justify her presence on earth. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV.

But I do know that whoever she is, and whatever it is she’s busy doing or not doing, she works the social media tools very well. And that’s something just about anyone can do. And can do well. Even if you are actually doing something useful for the planet. According to Mashable:

Kardashian’s stream is optimized to gracefully direct traffic to her website. And her website is optimized for the social web, too, with tweets and blog posts prominently featured.

These days, one out of five visitors to Kardashian’s site comes from Twitter. Twitter is almost referring as much traffic as Google.

(Yes, you Twitter unbelievers, you read that right. Twitter is almost referring as much traffic as Google. Get with the program now if you’re not already. ‘Nuff said on that matter. Let’s move on.)

If you’ve ever torn your hair out trying to get your website, or a client’s website, updated in a timely manner you know how ridiculous that process can be. I don’t want to recount the horrors of trying to get the task accomplished, especially if the task is in ridiculous Flash.

Let’s just leave it that updating static websites is a bear. And usually involves having to call authorities to issue an APB just to find some web monkey to get the job done. The online trend is shifting rapidly from static and quickly into real-time. Mostly because Twitter has demanded this of us.

When you employ social media widgets directly into your homepage you’ve got an easy way to provide fresh and insightful content all day long to your site. No web monkey needed! If you’re on-the-go on the campaign trail, you can update a Facebook or Twitter feed from your smart phone any time you care to.

And for those potential voters NOT heavily invested in social media, by putting your status updates on your site’s homepage you are bringing the social media to them. No heavy lifting required.

Not that Carol Porter is adverse to heavy lifting. She has a farm after all, and has raised four Eagle Scout sons. (Yes, you read that right too – four.) You don’t do that without pulling a few long hours. Just like Kim Kardashian… according to her latest Tweet.

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