Atlanta Public Schools Turn To Print When Everyone Else Goes Digital



The above photo displays the dubious fate of a brand new newspaper suddenly being produced (at what cost?) by the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system. It was taken 4-21-09.

This Vol. 1 newspaper product lists a two-page directory of APS administration names in the back – yet not a single e-mail address is included in that contact information.

Yet APS has spent millions of dollars on technology over the last few years – with some of those seeking technology-related contracts now in jail. More on that issue here:

The dubious method of distribution for this new paper product? Kids’ backpacks.

Could this be another example of wasteful contracting in the Atlanta Public Schools? FYI… I put in a call to the (Boston/NY) company contracted (was there a bidding process?) to produce this paper product for APS, and a call to the Communications Dept. for APS. No one has returned my calls as of 4-23-09.

And if there’s a Spanish-language version of Atlanta Educator, I’ve yet to see it.

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  1. amazing revelation on the total waste of public money. i’m just amazed that someone would think of this in today’s world. thanks for shining the light on this knucklehead move.


  2. You must remember the audience that this newsletter serves — the children who do not have access to technology at home nor do they live close to a library to gain access to computers. Their main access is at school — where there is a concentration on academics. What’s wrong with them taking a newspaper home to share. We all know that many children, especially those in Title I schools, DO NOT have printed material for their age group in their homes. At least, this gives students (with or without tech) a chance to read articles at home about their school community. They will use this newspaper to read positive things about children and share with their siblings, friends, parents, and YES, cut out articles and hang on their bedroom walls and put in their secret boxes to keep. I remember what I did with the “purple ditto” class newsletters as a youngster. Did you?

    About Book Bag distribution. Can you think of a better or cheaper way. Hey — pick on something that does not aid cognitive skills.


  3. No access to technology? What planet are you from? Virtually every household in APS has a cell phone in it. And I expect many have computer/Internet access too.


  4. Yes,i feel all forms of Media is important for Parents,Students and Administrators.Therefore this newletter is great,i’ve read it,my wifes read it,we have mentors and teachers who have read it ,as well as a Large amount of APS Students and the reviews are great.Also another excellent form of Media that is looking to break into the schools is Teen Talk TV Shows Directed by Joy Adams please assist her in covering all APS SCHOOLS.She can be reached at (770)899-6684/


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