Emory Student Gives Journalist Her Facebook Login Info


While it’s ugly and disgraceful that Atlanta’s Emory University has been the scene of on-campus incidents of obvious intolerance between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli students, what’s almost as distasteful is the thought of giving a journalist, of any stripe, one’s user ID and password info to one’s personal Facebook account –  just to prove a point.

But this Emory student felt compelled to do just that for Atlanta Progressive News:

Saba Khalid, 20, a junior at Emory and an activist, told Atlanta Progressive News she believes she knows who three out of four of the perpetrators are, and that they include student leaders of pro-Israeli groups at Emory.

Atlanta Progressive News obtained copies of Facebook messages between Khalid and another Emory student, Eddy Goldfarb, which appear to show Goldfarb implying that he was involved in the incident and saying he knows the identity of all the participants.

After receiving the copies of the messages, APN confirmed their authenticity by obtaining the password to Khalid’s Facebook account from Khalid, logging in to Khalid’s account, and verifying the conversation in Khalid’s inbox. With Khalid’s permission, APN also reviewed what appeared to be, by all indications, Mr. Goldfarb’s public Facebook page.

Full story here.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your interest in this point. I felt a bit queasy doing it too. I logged in while on the phone with Saba, after she said there was no private information on her account. I immediately logged out.

    I would not have been happy running with the story based on the screenshot, because of the small chance it had been created in Photoshop.

    I had first asked her whether we could become Facebook friends so I could see the message. However, she said it was an Inbox message, not something on her wall. It was then her idea to provide me her password; otherwise, I would have had to travel to Emory to watch her log in herself.

    News Editor, APN


  2. You can also change the locks after you’ve given a stranger the keys to your house. I’m not implying Matthew is a criminal, as he’s certainly not, and would never take advantage of the blind trust that student placed in him, for reasons unknown to me. It’s the principle of the act, on the part of the student, or lack thereof.


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