Atlanta Sickened By Crime Wave


From Kyle Keyser of Atlanta crime victims tell their stories. In full.  No soundbites. Scary stuff. I would know.

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  1. This video is just the tip of the iceberg! It’s so much worse than anyone realizes. I find myself staring into the mirror asking myself if my life is worth $170,000 (the amount of my mortgage). The situation has escalated far beyond anything the Atlanta Police can do anything about. They barely have enough resources to react to the situation, much less be proactive. We’ve almost reached the tipping point where the National Guard needs to be called in and have the city put the city under martial law. The longer this drags on, the more damage the bad P.R. is going to do. The entire economic engine that runs the state of Georgia may grind to a halt. Once Atlanta unseats Detroit as the nation’s “premier slum”, it can kiss the Fortune 500 companies (whose workers contribute so generously to the tax rolls) goodbye! Anyone wanting a better quality of life will pack up their belongings – and check books – and head off to create the next great city of the south, whether that be Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, or Jacksonville – if they aren’t murdered first!


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