I Have A WaySouth Media, Inc. Online Dream


I’ve had my own incorporated co for at least two years now. And the bank accounts, tax issues, headaches, small business owner dreams, etc. to go along with it. Yet I have sadly neglected my I-Priestess duties by failing to have the company’s web site built-out. So much for any SEO strategy.

While being a chronic blogger for years (it’s just that techno-simple), ever since the pre-blog,  dial-up days of f-ing, for days on end, with my first site, WaySouth.com (I and WaySouth-anything are forever indebted to you, @francesk, but that’s a whole other story), I just hate messing with websites, Dreamweaver, website navigation, and web site copy. Even if you hire someone to do it all for you, you still have to give ’em what they need to build the damn things.

But recently, with a mindful eye to a fully tricked-out site as a goal, I did get BlueDaisy Graphics of Metro Atlanta to do logo designs. Lemme know what you think:


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