How To Use Social Media To Get More Customers



Last night, @tessa tweeted, at some point in the evening, that the Atlanta area monthly TweetUp had over 100 people show for the January TweetUp at El Taco in Midtown.

Are there other small Atlanta businesses that also would like to have 100 extra customers a day? Try hosting a TweetUp or some other social media-minded meetup, often found via Facebook or

Chris Brogan, the least insufferable member of the ya-ya-media brotherhood, posted yesterday about a little bistro in his neck of the woods (Boston area) that could use some more customers AND could use some suggestions on how to use social media to get more customers into the sandwich emporium.

If you’re a restaurateur in these here tough times, take some time to read through the droves of suggestions volunteered on Brogan’s blog. Found in the comments section, of course.

The owner of Simply Gourmet, John, responded to all the helpful suggestions from Brogan’s huge social network with this post:

I am speechless guys, really thank you all for the advice I am not opposed to trying anything and a few of these things I have already implemented including a twitter page @simplygourmet . And publicly for chris to take his time out for me is just one of the nicest gestures imaginable. It has been a rough road but this is a momentum builder that couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you all once again and happy eating!!!! John


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