How Bad Is It At City of Atlanta Water Dept?


The dysfunction at City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management is so chaotically bad that po-po are arresting news crews who try to cover the stinking mess.

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  1. A television news crew is trying to do their jobs, only to be arrested by police. What’s this nation–and world, for that matter–coming to? There’s just one word for this nonsense: Unbelievable!


  2. Chronic abusers of the law that feel they are above the law; Watershed. Little or no regard to the public or media. How bad is it at City of Atlanta Water Dept? very bad… Let’s clean it up!


  3. notice how quickly the reporters shut up though. liberals should be screaming their heads off about this one. thank god these were reporters and not a private citizen making a film documnetary. the police would not have been so nice. that storm trooper of an officer should be fired at the very least and the reporter, if she had guts, would be filing wrongful use of police powers against the city. of course, understanding the ability of the atlanta police to make people who protest them disappear, it is probably best for the news station to let bygones be bygones.


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