76-Year Old CEO Blogs


Bill Marriott, the 76-yr. old CEO of Marriott International, blogs. Especially about his constant international travel.

So what’s YOUR excuse for not blogging?

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  1. Thanks for the link, just passed on to my superiors. I have a feeling they’re finally going to launch some type of CEO blog this year, even though it will be hard for them to embrace the concept of something that isn’t edited by 2 dozen people in advance.


  2. Hopefully, most peoples’ excuse for not blogging is that they have nothing to say. Can’t say how many new blogs I’ve been told to check out– produced by bright people, including CEO-types– who run out of material after the first half-dozen posts. I’ll bet old man Marriott has tons of stories and insights. If you’re saying everybody should blog, I respectfully disagree. And God help us if everybody starts twittering….


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