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Over 30 years after this portrait was taken of my family/step-family in the 70’s (I forget which year. ’72 or ’73 likely), my family/step-family will be gathering for a portrait again. Same people, same place. Minus that wonder dog, Spud.

Spud belonged to the photographer, a family friend. She, of course, has long since gone to reap her most-just rewards in the Happy Hunting Ground. Spud remains possibly the best dog I ever knew. She healed broken hearts. She really did. But that’s a story for another time, and I diverge…

The photographer was/is South Carolina artist/teacher, Blake Praytor. If you have Flash, you can view a gallery of his work samples here. (You Who fans won’t want to miss the shot of Pete Townsend from the early 70’s “Jumpsuit Tour.”)

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  1. I’ll take a picture with genuine smiles, even if everyone’s not looking at the camera, over phony “Say cheese” faces every time. The photographer really captured a moment there. Great pic.

    You look just like you!


  2. Spud was born on Nantucket Island in a VW Beetle. One of nine Nantucket Black Dogs, a breed indigenous to the island. Not to be confused with the Woods Hole Black Dog. I purchased Spud, two cats (Cocaine and Morphine, a Rolling Stones reference) in a very nice basket. All three of them are gone but the basket still remains as the home for I can’t throw this away magazines.
    Thanks Grayson for reminding me how important our past is to us all.

    The opposing profiles of you and your mom on the page is awesome resonance.


  3. Takes a real artist to point out the what should be obvious, eh?! Didn’t even notice that until you mentioned it in your comment.


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