Cool Stuff From The DIY Media Front


Jeff Jarvis, bless his annoying heart, points his readers and ‘sumers to a wonderful video today… shot entirely by a still camera, but one that happens to also shoot HD video. You can get into one of these Canon 5D MkII’s for about a grand. Let me repeat… A GRAND.

Here’s what a pro did with it, just after buying one off the shelf and charging that puppy up:

Canon EOS5DmkII, One night in Beijing. from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Granted, the shooter here is a pro (a shooter for The Guardian in China), but he demos a product that is perfect for the pro’sumer level. And one that can help a newly-mined multimedia-ist take their journalism endeavors right on to the next level.

Remember folks, don’t get discouraged – just get using. The more you use any kind of gear, the more comfortable you will get with it all. One of these days, I’m even gonna take my Panasonic DVX100 off of automatic settings. I know that happy day is coming!

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  1. I too aspire to stop using auto-focus. My new toy (Canon HV30) does an admirable job avoiding ugly flickering most of the time, but I encountered some this weekend.


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