CNN Broke Twitter?


I bet @ricksanchezcnn finally broke Twitter for good. The fragile thing wasn’t meant for heavy MSM lifting. Between Sanchez on CNN at 3pm and the anti-Motrin ad moms today, the damn thing may never recover. Call some lawyers quick!

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  1. Pipes… Make the world go around.
    Well, in this case, the Internet.

    The problem with Twitter and a lot of other social outlets, is that these things are still built using existing pipes. That is code, computers and bandwidth. If these things are meant to survive the next 5 – 10 years, programmers and developers need to rethink the way we share information.

    Because we all know users won’t be standing still while it happens.
    Besides, ideas always move faster through the Web than through Email. I think we’re beginning to see that’s true.


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