Early Voting In Georgia


I did it. Cast my early voter ballot. And I’m a white soccer mom! Took exactly 2 hours and 21 minutes of line-standing, which turned-out to be a hoot. This goofy bag lady was on one side of me and a local filmmaker on the other. Before we all got to know one another, and before they made us power-off all “Blackberries, Blueberries and cell phones,” and when I was utterly bored, I Twittered the experience. That stream of little consciousness is here:

Personal best waiting in line to vote: 2 hrs 21 min. #ATLvote
21 voting machines provided for the how many voters of Fulton County? #ATLvote
Starting to have to jettison stuff. After last coffee spill mug got abandoned in bathroom. Would leave jacket but forgot bra today. #ATLvote
Look! Bureaucrats read! Who’d have thought! #ATLvote – Photo: http://bkite.com/025xc
@factorfiction. Oh that last one has got to be fact. I’ll likely go another 30 yrs. with some of mine!
So Twitter Farm, help me out. I’m bored. Should I play Decemberists or Jonas Brothers next?
One little ray of sunshine in this line thing… no one is farting. Yet. #ATLvote
Every little thing that goes wrong today I get to blame Karen wantstobeKatherineHarris Handel for! Oh Happy Day! #ATLvote
Just dumped coffee into purse and now have to pee. #ATLvote
So they say cells in some areas interfere w/machines. Yet staff all over the place talking on ’em. Clownage I suspect. #ATLvote
Gotta power down. WTF?
Karen Handel should be here in a maid costume handing out coffee and danish. #ATLvote
@jbrotherlove. Got the tuneage fired up. Some vintage Pete Townsend. #ATLvote
iPhone must have been created for 2008 early voting lines. Jesus loves you Steve Jobs. #ATLvote
The line. #ATLvote – Photo: http://bkite.com/025uZ
The line. See it Mz. Handel. – Photo: http://bkite.com/025uQ
@dopegirlfresh. I’m pretending she and her scrunch-y ass shopping bags don’t exist. Aghhhh!
Hey Karen Handel. I want to come back on the WEEKEND! I need to. #ATLvote
Person behind me is a blabberer. And invading my space. Gonna be a long haul. #ATLvote
In line to vote in Fulton Cty. Line is crazy long! #ATLvote
Just got in line to early vote in Fulton Cty. GA. – Photo: http://bkite.com/025tK

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