Excellent Example of Hangover Blogging – From The Campaign Trail


From Jezebel.com, courtesy of the original campaign trail blogger, Ana Marie Cox. How does she keep doing it?! Truly the gift that keeps on giving. And from her zippy wing-gal, Megan, we now have “Bible Spice” (Palin):

MEGAN: I don’t know, this is the team of political strategist that gave McCain a black baby 8 years ago. I don’t think it’s unintentional. Because, like you said, the Wright thing is more interesting and complex. And, God knows, McCain’s got his own bad associates, so it’s not like they’re doing Ayers to avoid getting into Palin’s religion either.

ANA MARIE: You’re going to make me link to my article about how Steve Schmidt is not a “Rove protege” again, aren’ty you?

MEGAN: You can, but I wasn’t necessarily talking about Steve Schmidt, either. The Bush 2000 team pre-dates Schmidt.

ANA MARIE: Interestingly, most of the Bush 2000 team is actually working for Palin.

MEGAN: Who is, naturally, the person out there hitting on Ayers the hardest.

ANA MARIE: Yes, that is suggestive. And not in a good way! (Unlike, say, the idea of Palin’s “staff”)

MEGAN: It’s just another wink and a nod from Bible Spice.

Full bite ‘o this juicy sandwich is here.

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