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Drill Baby Drill! For A Stupid America!


Thomas Friedman argued a very passionate case on Fresh Air yesterday about how our insane dependency on fossil fuels (“hell” energy vs. “heaven” energy sources such as wind & solar) is killing America while strengthening petro-strong terrorist bases and dubious nations such as Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

Friedman saved his strongest disgust for the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd at the Republican National Convention, just about calling them out for treason for perpetuating a “stupid America.” The best part was when he likened the RNC cheap-shotters’ chants of “Drill Baby Drill” to the industrial-social equivalent of yelling-out “IBM Selectrics Baby!” at the turn of the last century (as the world moved to digital tools of course).

Freidman said that what was needed was not so much us running about screwing in low-wattage bulbs and buying silly-looking Priuses and such, but a radical shift in (American) political leadership. He denounced McCain for his unwillingness (not voting on key bill for instance) to support extensions of tax exemptions for heaven-energy R&D co’s. And while he noted Obama’s support for such bills (which did not pass, FYI) he hardly praised his green leadership to the skies.

It was all quite brill and kept me riveted in the car, burning-up some more of those “hell” fuels I might add, to keep listening to the end. And yeah, he got me. I’ll go buy his new book now. Other than changing-out my own light bulbs and using only cold water in the washing machine and dishwasher, I consider hearing the passion of a green Thomas Friedman a personal green watershed moment for myself.

So watch out world. ‘Nuff said. Word.

Lipstick and A Muzzle On That Pit Bull Palin


I didn’t think you could really trump George W. Bush in neglecting one’s free press duties. After all, why in the world would someone seeking to govern us (we’re a democracy, remember) need to answer questions from our (us again) free press?

From The Huffington Post, so I swear I’m not making this up:

‘According to Nicole Wallace of the McCain campaign, the American people don’t care whether Sarah Palin can answer specific questions about foreign and domestic policy. According to Wallace — in an appearance I did with her this morning on Joe Scarborough’s show — the American people will learn all they need to know (and all they deserve to know) from Palin’s scripted speeches and choreographed appearances on the campaign trail and in campaign ads.’

Full post here. More fantasy government weirdness and a video here. Guess the Repugs are terrified some of those “Doing A Heck of A Job, Brownie-s” will come tumbling out of the glossy mouth of Sarah Palin. (Ya think?)

Actually, I saw a hustled-together doc on Fox News last night about Palin, with plenty of clips from her Governor of Alaska campaign debates, and Palin’s quite rhetorically, and dogmatically, gifted. If you go for her kinda politics, you’d only bark for more, more, more. I think the Repugs are scared shitless she might just put their Alpha Males to verbal-powers shame, but I diverge…

Maybe Palin could just bat her eyelashes in response to questions from our free press: one bat for “No.” Two bats for “Heck No.” Three bats for “Everything wrong with our country is the fault of the liberal media.” Four bats for “I really need a blowout from my way-gay redneck hairdresser and a moose burger about right now.”

You get the point. Feel free to add your own.

What Would YOU Do If An O’Reilly Goon-Crew Showed-Up On YOUR Doorstep?


Since our beloved Pulitzer-winning Cynthia Tucker handled her brush with Fox News’ O’Reilly show goons in her ice-queen, super-cool mannner (of course she would) I’m left wondering what mere mortals would do if a FNC crew would be to show-up on our doorsteps with cameras and mics a’blazin’?

Given that my idea of the perfect media op/gift from the media goddess would be an O’Reilly crew on the doorstep, I think I’d fall immediately to the ground and go onto dramatic “labor,” yelling all the while about how “The Media” had knocked me up. Say it with me… “It’s The Media, The Media I tell ya!!”

Then I’d get-up and invite ‘em all in for some sweet tea and pound cake, just like our mommas taught us to do when company comes a’callin’.

Please tell Mostly Media what you would do in the comments section.

National Enquirer Punked?


Since the Enquirer is now the source of hot breaking salacious political “family” news and matters, it’s too bad they didn’t get to their own scoop (about Sarah Palin’s family “situation”) fast enough. Sarah Palin, (R) operatives, etc. decided to beat ‘em to the punch. From, I’m assuming, the latest National Enquirer on shelves now:

The ultra-conservative governor’s announcement about her daughter’s pregnancy came hours after The ENQUIRER informed her representatives and family members of Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol’s child, that we were aware of the pregnancy and were going to break the news.

Full story/boasts here.

A New Intimacy Takes Netroot


Test your social media IQ… do you know what Ambient Awareness is? If you have a Twitter and Facebook following, and most serious bloggers do, you will recognize a “new” social sensation of simply picking-up where you left-off when you eventually do meet-up in person with your online peeps. Even ones you’d never met f-to-f… until you eventually do.

Odd as it sounds, it’s all good and quite comfortable – for the most part. Making me feel closer and closer to friends met, and cultivated, in the blogosphere. On the other hand, as a forty-something constantly maneuvering between the old and the new media and mediums, I sometimes feel not only media-exhausted, but more and more estranged from the people I don’t communicate with daily via online tools and sites. This goes way beyond email, in other words. Maybe we are, via social media, evolving into an entirely new people.

From NYTMagazine (a preview version):

It is easy to become unsettled by privacy-eroding aspects of awareness tools. But there is another — quite different — result of all this incessant updating: a culture of people who know much more about themselves. Many of the avid Twitterers, Flickrers and Facebook users I interviewed described an unexpected side-effect of constant self-disclosure. The act of stopping several times a day to observe what you’re feeling or thinking can become, after weeks and weeks, a sort of philosophical act. It’s like the Greek dictum to “know thyself,” or the therapeutic concept of mindfulness. (Indeed, the question that floats eternally at the top of Twitter’s Web site — “What are you doing?” — can come to seem existentially freighted. What are you doing?) Having an audience can make the self-reflection even more acute, since, as my interviewees noted, they’re trying to describe their activities in a way that is not only accurate but also interesting to others: the status update as a literary form.

Laura Fitton, the social-media consultant, argues that her constant status updating has made her “a happier person, a calmer person” because the process of, say, describing a horrid morning at work forces her to look at it objectively. “It drags you out of your own head,” she added. In an age of awareness, perhaps the person you see most clearly is yourself.

Full article here.

Atlanta Hurricane Chasers


Expectant dad Amani Channel is geared-up and off to SC with his freelance co-hort, Mario. Amani’s wife is not real happy about all this gallivantin’ around, not with her looming due date. (See video.) But what’s a freelance TV-type to do? It’s hurricane season; make hay while the sun shines. You can follow Amani and Mario’s excellent weather-related adventures via Amani’s Tweets on Twitter here. Amani’s live-streaming channel on is here.

Died And Gone To Political Media Circus Heaven!


Not going to blog much right now. Too much to watch and read. I love nothing better than a total political media cluster fuck, and boy do we have one going on right about now. Back to you later… when I’ve processed enough to piss the most possible people off. Just remember… whatever you do, The Media makes you do it!

Two New Atlanta Media-related Blogs


Give a warm blogosphere welcome (come on, I know you can do it; preferably with some comments and linky-love) to the Atlanta Press Club’s blog, This Just In… and publicity maven Jill Lerner’s Scene In Atlanta. Both blogs are a much-needed new source of news, conversation, tid-bits, gossip, chatter and original media for the ATL. Welcome Aboard, maties!

Are Republicans THAT Media-Challenged?


Where is the outrage amongst Republicans over Sarah Palin’s unforgivable cruelty to children? That any parent of either gender would even contemplate becoming a VP candidate and thus placing their knocked-up kid (one of our southern “bless her heart” scenarios) directly in the ugly glare of the global media spotlight whilst doing so is appalling. A 17-year old is just a child, for chrissake. And her idiot-parents just made her life that much more, publicly, miserable.

This ain’t no Disney movie, folks. The pregnant child is not busy morphing into some superstar pop sensation, a la Hannah Montana; the poor kid’s merely morphing into a girl with her whole future entirely re-directed into the, possibly bleakest, unknown.

And then for Republicans to defend the action/pick in the name of “family values?” Well, that just illicits pure spitting disgust. I hope that (totally complicit) McCain throws-out the tainted goods soon. Can’t be soon enough if you ask me.

Here’s Your Advocacy Journalism


Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman was arrested yesterday at the Republican National Convention. I know it would mess with her hairdo, but I’m still waiting for the YouTube video of Arianna Huffington being hauled-off to the St. Paul pokey.

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BTW… St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman can be contacted at: 651-266-8510 or e-mailed at:
MN Governor Tim Pawlenty can be reached at: (651) 296-3391 or e-mailed at
Ramsey County Jail: 651-266-9350