It Might Be Spam If…


…you receive an email like this:

Dear ____________ ,

Recently I viewed your resume online, and I felt you would be an excellent candidate for an opening we are trying to fill based on your Industrial background. A brief job description about the Construction Laborer vacancy is included.

Construction Laborer

Competitive Salary

Applicants should have great communication and organizational skills. For a full job description, just click on the link shown below or paste it into a new window. That will take you to the Web page that has the details on the vacancy as well, including responsibilities and qualifications. This Web page also contains the application to be filled out in order to be considered for this position

Within three days a member of our human resources department will contact you in regards to your application and to set up an interview.

Thank You,
Greg Munson
Sr. Recruiter, HR Division

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  1. I get these several times a day and yeah, there are some weird jobs I am “qualified” for. These amuse me, but not as much as all the ones telling me how people in China can build my company a web site. I build web sites for a living?


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