Atlanta Gas Availability Info – Use Twitter


Best place for real-time gas availability updates in the metro Atlanta area remains Twitter. You can subscribe to the #atlgas hash tag for your news reader, and keep a real-time availability update right on your desktop or cell. Couldn’t be easier.

Too bad ATL MSM are too arrogantly ignorant about social media and crowd sourcing apps and tools to be able to inform their audience and readership about such kinds of consumer-friendly tips and tricks. Wasn’t like they hadn’t been warned. Pity.

While WXIA has cleaned-up it’s map act of gas availability some (all pins are now a neutral blue), it’s still cumbersome. Other TV stations and media are still linking only to that bulky gas price site, the one that gives no information about gas availability.

WABE informed their listenership today about the gas price site with some bizarrely lame aside of “if you are able to get online.” Like they have a listenership of only the elderly and severely disabled? Maybe they do… come to think about it.

But fer chrissake WABE, this is a gas shortage in a major metropolitan area, not a freakin’ natural disaster in Haiti! Who among the WABE listenership does not have “online availability” in some capacity? Other than some Luddite-weirdo types who might adore 6 hours of classical music a day, but I’m starting to diverge…

And this is what passes for “continuous coverage of the gas crisis” at Channel 46. No shit. Jeez Atlanta media… this is like handing out media maxi-pads when the sleek OBs are right on the other shelf.

Sunday 9/27 12:18pm UPDATE: AJC now sending all their (claimed) ga-zillions of eyeballs off the Cox Media Plantation (see title/link “Real Time: Where To Find Gas”) and over to Twitter Farm to give their “audience” what they want right now: those priceless real time gas availability updates. LMAO and cue the Peter, Paul and Mary.

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  2. Mighty fine- a useful post.

    Odd WABE is not promoting the websites because if you ever get on their list, they send you tons of emails and promote the fire out of their website.

    My son went to 7 gas stations yesterday to fill up. That is enough to do his job one week (there is no gas on Ft Gillem).

    When AFES, a base gas station is out of gas, a red flag goes up in my mind.

    Thank you kindly Mam.


  3. Thanks for the info!
    Twitter is a great source for a lot of things, isn’t it?
    I didn’t think about looking there until I ran across your blog. (Good one, btw.) 🙂
    I have a little under 1/2 tank so I’m not going into panic mode yet….LOL…but you can’t help but feel a little uneasy about the whole situation.
    Take care.


  4. Thanks! Just trying to be of service to our great city and its fine citizenry. LOVE that “Sit for the Cure” pink office chair on your co.’s homepage, BTW. Would love to get me one. When the economy is better…


  5. I know! I hope the economy gets better soon but it doesn’t look too promising right now. There are so many things that have to change big time before we can even begin to have hope for a better outlook.
    I have faith that the we will get there…just not sure how long.

    That chair is a special one because $10 will be donated to breast cancer research every time we sell one. 🙂
    It’s really cool looking, too.

    Take care!



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