Stop The Classical Madness At WABE!


I can’t take it any more… 6 hours of classical music programming a day at WABE = 6 too many. Apparently I’m not the only one. So I started a Facebook Group called 6 Hours A Day = 6 Too Many! Please join the group if you’re on Facebook. And let’s let WABE know, by Fall Pledge Drive time too, that we’re very unhappy out here on the receiving end of the airwaves with being held hostage to 6 hours of tedious classical programming a day… especially when we could be hearing some news and talk and other more timely and progressive PUBLIC programming.

Not a dime out of me over there at WABE until things change around that media plantation!

Contact info for WABE is here:
740 Bismark Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(678) 686-0321

NOTE: Anyone who would like to donate a far better graphic/logo to 6 Hours = 6 Too Many! campaign, please do so! Send to spaceygracey at bellsouth dot net, and I’ll get it up on the Facebook Group page right away.

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  1. Just don’t lobby to get rid of Lois Reitsis (sic), host of the Second Cup Concert. Not that the wife and I ever listen to it, but her promos just crack us up. Such a delivery.


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  3. There’s not enough classical music! Go find an AM station if you want more talk. We need 12 hours a day of classical music as well as traditional jazz.


  4. And by “progressive” we mean, of course, “statist”? Great–culturally illiterate statists.


  5. WABE’s programming is truly horrible (probably the worst in the country), & Atlantans deserve so much more. I’ve regularly spent lots of time in a number of other cities (big & small) over many years, & have enjoyed the NPR stations in those cities. WABE, by a good margin, has the worst programming, in my experience. WABE subjects listeners to an amazing number of mind-numbing hours of classical music ea. day & on weekends, while listeners in other (often much smaller) markets/cities are enjoying a variety of interesting, stimulating, mostly apolitical programs/talk shows (on a variety of subjects) that are not available anywhere else (in any other medium, & certainly not on AM, to the person who made that disingenuous comment).
    I have to agree with comment about Lois Reitzes’s voice, as well. Really annoying, although I’m sure she’s a nice person.


  6. People who do not like classical music can always switch to another station if they can find one on the band that is worth wsitching to. Thanks to all the people on this station who give us the joy of discovering not so well known composers. A delight! 6 hours is NOT enough !


  7. Two years later, and Lois Reitzes is still there. It is so sickening. At 8:50 every weekday morning I hear her discusting voice and make a dive for my radio to shut it off. Please…somebody…stop this madness.

    I would dearly love to listen to NPR weekday mornings, but until Lois is gone, that just is not going to happen.


  8. Why does WABE allow Lois to remain, when the listeners are obviously and overwhelmingly annoyed by her voice and delivery? My donations have decreased significantly. Not even one of my friends can stand her voice.

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  9. She is wonderful and so is WABE. There are plenty of talk shows on AM stations & due to the fact that NPR news is playing from five to nine every morning & then again from three to nine pm & ALSO during city cafe at noon. It is MUCH better to have classical music to keep things fresh versus the same stories being played over and over again. Technically it’s not even six hours because every hour between nine to three there is time taken out for the news. City cafe also takes up at least an hour. People need to stop whining, & this is a wonderful station. If you beg to differ, change the radio station or turn it off.


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