Vomit, Barf, Gag, Hurl, Doo-Doo Coming From AM-1160


How to really waste a perfectly good morning. Not to mention brain cells:

Newstalk 1160 “The Talk of the Town is proud to announce three great additions to our lineup: Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, and Dennis Miller. Starting Tuesday, listeners can tune in to hear Ingraham 9am-12noon, O’Reilly 3pm-5pm, and Miller 5pm-7pm.

When asked (writing this press release rather) about the change in programming Vice President and General Manager, Jeff Davis replied, “We feel that along with Mancow, Dr. Laura, and Lou Dobbs, the addition of these three heavyweights gives us one of the strongest lineups in America, let alone Atlanta.”

Full press release here. Joe Weber should have just baked cupcakes for a living, but as there’s no end to the ridiculously laughable features of the male ego, he now feels compelled to pollute the airwaves with toxic lipflapper waste. Pity.

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