Bernie Marcus’ Media Message Just Strange


There’s a not-so-fine line between a compelling media op and crass exploitation of people in misery. And yeah, we mostly call it “local TV news.” But today we can add promoting one’s cause and enterprise to the mix, and call it Just Plain Weirdness In Bernie’s Fish Tank. From a press release from the Sheperd Spinal Center:

Several military veterans currently in rehabilitation for spinal cord or brain injuries at Shepherd Center will take a break from therapy to swim with thousands of fish, including whale sharks, at the Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

The vets will be joined during the swim by Bernie Marcus, founder of The Home Depot and the benefactor of the Georgia Aquarium. Marcus is a leading proponent for helping injured soldiers receive the medical care they need following their tours of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The swim begins at 10:30 a.m. (TODAY) and lasts for 30 minutes. Members of the media are welcome to film or photograph veterans as they prepare to enter the water and as they swim.

Full press release here. God help PR and rich people. Sometimes they sure don’t know what they do.

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  1. At least two TV stations– WGCL and WAGA, I think, bit on this story, so to speak.

    The military veterans who talked to the TV stations seemed very grateful for the opportunity. The fish declined comment.


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