Are Republicans THAT Media-Challenged?


Where is the outrage amongst Republicans over Sarah Palin’s unforgivable cruelty to children? That any parent of either gender would even contemplate becoming a VP candidate and thus placing their knocked-up kid (one of our southern “bless her heart” scenarios) directly in the ugly glare of the global media spotlight whilst doing so is appalling. A 17-year old is just a child, for chrissake. And her idiot-parents just made her life that much more, publicly, miserable.

This ain’t no Disney movie, folks. The pregnant child is not busy morphing into some superstar pop sensation, a la Hannah Montana; the poor kid’s merely morphing into a girl with her whole future entirely re-directed into the, possibly bleakest, unknown.

And then for Republicans to defend the action/pick in the name of “family values?” Well, that just illicits pure spitting disgust. I hope that (totally complicit) McCain throws-out the tainted goods soon. Can’t be soon enough if you ask me.

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  1. I can’t say it really bothers me that much. The family is in for relentless, traumatic invasions of privacy, with or without a pregnant kid.

    What does bother me is that McCain would pick a Veep with a pending ethics investigation.


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