Missing John-John


Watching the Democratic National Convention last night did nothing for me except make me miss John Kennedy Jr. He should have been there. It’s his legacy after all. And he should have married me and not that bleached-hair woman, but I diverge…

Lots of should haves, would haves and but fors… all lost to a flicker of circumstance. Sigh. I’ll go back to regularly scheduled programming tonight no doubt. Dems are even duller on Big TV than in real life.

As for media coverage, AC was neutered by too many really boring people on the set babbling away. And way too much Wolf Blitzer. The passive-aggressive attacks and retreats, from outright hostility to odd guilt-ridden patronization, between Juan Williams and Brit Hume on Fox News made for more interesting and uncomfortable viewing.

Fortunately for us media insatiables, we can escape the confines of the utterly predictable political media Pepsi palace and roam the streets of Denver for excellent street protests via numerous Internet sources. Whew.

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  1. And a way to sink further into DNC despair is to watch the cant-turn-away train wreck that is the Katic Couric post convention webcast which had its in-un-non-auspicious debut last night at a few minutes past 11ET. Instead of CBS News Lite it is more like Waynes World Cable Access… Lite. Poor Bob Shieffer was banished to the sidelines and was, figuratively rolling over in his grave even though he is not deceased yet. Actually it was Ed Murrow rolling over in his grave. No wait, Murrow was cremated, no grave to rollover in. Hmm, dangling participle. Whatever. I am sick of it all that I will watch it again tonight.


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