Neal Boortz – Winner of The Debbie Downer Award For Excellence In Broadcasting Whine.


Wanna know JUST how lost in space Cox Media Plantation really is? They spend good money to send a whiny brat, spoiled-rotten, ungrateful Neal Boortz out to Denver to bring his listening audience completely down with his complaining and humorless whining and bitching and griping about having to be there!

Only Boortz could go to an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event such as the DNC in 2008 and make everyone around him miserable because he had to actually show-up and blow. Why on earth is Boortz there in the first place?

Hell, I could take Elmo and Cheerios and a nap away from an already-fussy 2-year old, stick the kid into a cart at the grocery store, push it around each aisle slowly for an hour or so, refuse to buy it (the 2-year old) some candy and still have tons more more fun than I would listening to Boortz do the Democratic National Convention.

Cox suits – I understand it’s hard for you to get your tight butts around this concept, but I hear there are a few other media choices out there nowadays for political convention coverage. And I’m gonna go find me one right about now. I can’t take another minute of your “flagship” radio station gripe-fest. (And if I was an advertiser, with my pricey ad running today, I’d be Elizabeth Edwards-level “furious” too.)


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