Live Blogging The Georgia Gang


The entire Georgia Gang show was mostly total gibberish today as everyone talked wildly over each other about race, polls and Obama-as-rock star. Audio dudes the world over no doubt had complete meltdowns.

But I was able to make out at least one full statement worth quoting: Alexis Scott when discussing the specific amount of (Cindy McCain’s) houses that John McCain couldn’t recall last week, “He’s (McCain) struggling to prove he’s not a kept man.”

And on what planet does withholding liquor (but not beer and wine) “cut down on binge drinking?” as Dick Williams stated?

After listening to today’s Georgia Gangsta audio cluster-fuck, I need a cocktail. And it’s not even 9am!

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  1. It is time for Sonny Perdue to go. He is as bad as George W Bush. Anyone that wants to stop stem cell research is truly behind in the times. Sonny has outstayed his welcome. The state of Georgia has enforced the ‘uninsured motorist’ policy where you and I are forced to pay a higher premium for those that drive around without insurance. What Sonny should be working on is the unemployment situation in Georgia.


  2. You can go to your insurance agent and decline the higher rate for uninsured motor vehicle coverage by signing a waiver. The law was written so that the insurance company must assign you the rate unless you decline it. I wonder whose idea that was. Most insurance companies don’t tell you this. Mine did….State Farm.


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