MD-80 Series Too Old?


The Economist raises some issues about the aging MD-80 series (“workhorse of the skies”) of commercial airplanes. Given that here in Atlanta we fly in and out of the ATL often on Delta and their fleet of MD-88s, this Madrid crash yesterday has me thankful I have no plans to fly anywhere for a while. And wishing for some “real” reporting on the matter from, say, the Cox Plantation.

However, early speculation about the 15-year old MD-82 Madrid airplane crash notes that an engine fire should not necessarily cause a plane to crash; thus bringing a strong possibility of human error into play. More on that here.

In other new media aviation matters, United Airlines’ pilots hate their CEO so much, they’ve started a blog to vent all about it! Gee what’s next? AJCManagementSucks dot com? I’m just sayin’…

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