Virginia – “The Battle of All Time”


Hey history… so much for Bull Run 1 & 2! How many times does Towery have to say this? The South’s in play come November with strong battleground states. Despite what the pundits aren’t getting, Towery continues to contend that Obama can change the electoral map from the south. Georgia and Virginia are key. And if you haven’t gotten the memo yet on why this is possible, here’s the VA poll data analysis this week.

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  1. Towery aside, the myopia of the punditocracy with regard to the massive increase in turnout in the Democratic primaries this year is baffling. They have no idea about the tidal wave that’s going to hit the polls this November. None. I mean…to try and predict anything about an election with Barack Obama on the ballot based on Al Gore/John Kerry data (as so many fall back upon) is just ludicrous on its face. That’s like trying to guess how many bacon cheeseburgers you’re going to sell based on asparagus sales numbers from the last couple of years. Give me the late and already much-missed Tim Russert gleefully rubbing his hands together and admitting that he has no idea what’s going to happen.


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