The Politics of Sex. The Sex of Politics. The Politics of Sex In Media.


Here’s the replay (Part 1 and Part 2) of the Nightline/Bob Woodward interview with John Edwards. Yes, watching it made me squirm.

As for the media composition of this wickedly delightful scandal… good for Elizabeth Edwards for not sitting passive/aggressively by her disgraced husband’s side like some lap dog, but making him get out there and clean-up after himself. Alone. Where he should be. And likely will be for quite a long while now.

And one more note while we’re on the topic of politicians’ affairs, I’m hearing whispers of a “girlfriend” associated with a certain key (quite married) Georgia politico. We shall see how National Enquirer-y Atlanta media really can go.

This politician need not lose a moment’s sleep though as Georgia media never go anywhere when it comes to sexcapades, us being in arbitrary media la-la land via our unique Coxopoly. Although that sure is starting to crumble around the monopoly edges, but I diverge…

In other words, it’s not like the AJC or WSB-TV or WSB-Radio will be hopping out of vans and hotel lobbies to investigate the sexual within the local political, given that when it comes to sex, it might as well be Victorian England around the Cox Plantation.

Anyone, for instance, seen anything in the AJC about the juicy-wicked-bad divorce trial of Cox Television’s president, Andrew Fisher? The one going on right under our noses now?

Despite this ugly divorce, complete with stories of S&M, going through the Atlanta court system, I’ve heard nary a whisper in our Coxopoly town, except a mention in CL… a mention derived from a NYC blog. Read all about it here.

Is there a National Enquirer bureau in Atlanta? I really need to give those people a call!

: “A hearing (in the Andrew Fisher divorce) has been scheduled regarding custody at 1 pm on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at the Superior Court in Fulton County in front of Judge Lane.” (From Gawker.)

I gotta take a moment here and ask the ladies… given the, uh, opportunity, would YOU have had (presumably sexual) “liaisons” with John Edwards?

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  1. In this “cover up” Cox and the Courthouse could both be involved…The court rulings; thus far, seem to be assisting Andrew Fisher in hiding the truth. He has yet to deny the S&M allegations.

    Is Atlanta still a small enough city where a big shot media bully can ruin lives, cover it up, and seemly appear to get away with it?


  2. I heard the divorce custody trial regarding andrew fisher and his s&m sex antics was very interesting. Andy avoided all questions, never giving a real answer to anything, and pleading the fifth to any questions regarding affairs etc. Hope his kids don’t have to suffer while he is doing his “side hobbies”. He feels his private sexual habits are not anyones concern. Maybe that is true, but when such behavior becomes a narcissistic personality disorder or psychopathic it is bound to affect the children.


  3. Mr. Fisher is more preoccupied with saving his reputation than his children’s’ welfare. If Mr. Fisher is ashamed of what he has done, then why does he continue to do it? If he isn’t ashamed then why is he trying so hard to cover it up?


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