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Rusty’s (New) Blog


Well thank Gawd and Baby Jesus! Rusty Tanton, one of the first bloggers I ever met, and creator of one of the first, possibly THE first, Georgia political blog (Radical Georgia Moderate) I ever read is at it again. This time with Rusty’s Blog, where he will bog about whatever the f he cares to blog about.

I was about in tears when Rusty announced he was shutting down Radical Georgia Moderate, but I got over myself and acknowledged that longterm (lifetime?) blogging takes a toll. Sometimes it’s weary, pointless, defeating, saddening, difficult, crushing and just too compelling and needy on your time and energy. And then, sometimes you simply don’t like the directions and themes of how you were blogging along just fine for several years. You need to make a radical shift in concepts and direction, and thankfully Rusty’s done just that. We will all be better off because of his (continued) good sense and good writing.


OffTheBus In New York Times. Again.


Everyone’s fave citizen journalism political project (Mine included. Heck, I might like OTB even more than that other political project I contribute to. You know, the red one colored peach that smells like a toxic waste dump…) Queen Arianna’s OffTheBus at HuffPo is getting some serious MSM attention… AND contributors by the thousands. From the NYT, 7-23:, the online citizen-journalist arm of the Huffington Post, celebrates its one-year anniversary this month.

Of all the new political, non-candidate sites to spring up during the last year, OTB is now probably the biggest, with 7,500 citizen correspondents. Through its growing pains, it continues to develop the technological and organizational know-how to become a force in journalism even as it challenges the standard notions of traditional journalism.

We have been charting the site’s progress throughout the campaign, with a report in October about its start-up and an interview in April with Mayhill Fowler, the correspondent who gained notoriety after reporting Senator Barack Obama’s “bitter” comments from a closed fund-raiser.

The site has evolved in several different ways. Perhaps most strikingly, OTB’s total of 7,500 citizen correspondents is up from 300 a year ago. Arianna Huffington, who helped found OTB, attributes the dramatic rise to the buzz created by Ms. Fowler’s two big scoops, first the Obama comments, then in early June when Bill Clinton lashed out at a Vanity Fair writer.

The scoops created news and also prompted intense self-reflection among traditional journalists (it’s all about us!). Had Ms. Fowler successfully pushed the envelope for campaign reporting? Or had she so fractured the rules that she set journalism back? Either way, she has become a rainmaker for OTB, the modern-day equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein inspiring hundreds of young cubs to become investigative journalists.

“The numbers started going up with Mayhill, then they accelerated,” Ms. Huffington said. “She became the poster child for ordinary citizens being able to impact the campaign.”

Full story here. My OTB video contributions/work here. Get fired up!!! Contribute yourself to OTB!!!!

Colbert Accepts Nas Petitions (See Below) When Fox News Won’t


Go to 8:45 on video to see the fun!
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Rapper Nas Not Afraid To Take On Fox News


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“Wall Street Got Drunk” Slurs W


That W sure is a funny guy in a financial crisis! Here’s video (from unknown sources) of him yapping about how “Wall Street got drunk” at a recent, pricey Houston fundraiser July 18th.

If Wall Street was so wasted, makes you wonder who was throwing the party, eh? And to think this clown wanted to hand ‘em Social Security too.

Now I wanna know what Bush was babbling on about, no doubt as incoherently as he did in Houston, at his yesterday, pricey Atlanta fundraiser. Anyone rolling with their wee little cams there in Buckhead yesterday? (And on the 8th day, God gave us YouTube…)

Make watching the little mystery-source vid clip a drinking game: chug when you see the glassy-eyed sycophants standing off to the side. Talk about too hungover to do anything but smile and nod.

Product Placement And News


Think I was just talking about product placement and news content two days ago. Of course when I write about stuff on Peach Pundit, any topic will do, it’s called ranting and raving and other such assorted hysterical commenting  over at that toxic waste dump. But low and behold, the issue pops-up in the NYT today! Whereby the topic will now be annointed as valid and serious and worthy of time (and money). Here ya go, from today’s NYT:

In recent weeks, anchors on the Fox affiliate in Las Vegas, KVVU, sit with cups of McDonald’s iced coffee on their desks during the news-and-lifestyle portion of their morning show. The anchors rarely touch the cups.

Executives at the station, one of 12 owned by Meredith Corporation, say the six-month promotion is meant to shore up advertising revenue and, as they told the news staff, will not influence content.

Full story here.

Georgia Media Unaware of… Georgia Media


I’m not going to get my feelings hurt that I didn’t win the Atlanta Press Club’s Journalist of the Year Award for Multimedia/Online Reporting. For, bless my own heart, I didn’t even realize there WAS such a catagory to compete in! Else I’d have submitted an entry. And bless my heart again, I’m even a rather active member of the APC. My bad for not being involved enough to know.

But bless their hearts too at the APC as their outreach to non-traditional media sources, such as blogs, bloggers, video bloggers, content creators, indie-style reporters, writers, commentators and journalists, really just kinda sucks. Even within their own plantation. No sour grapes though, but I’ll be ready for next year with plenty of submission possibilities to shuffle through for consideration by then.

So any other multimedia/online reporter/journalist/writer/blogger types out here in Georgia…. be thinking of entering regional journalism competitions with your most-excellent work too. (I’ll be sure to let you know when the deadline for submissions is for next year’s APC’s annual awards.) You’re ready to take this next important step, and so is your good work.

And congratulations to Jason Bronis of the AP for winning this year’s APC’s Journalist of The Year Award in the Multimedia/online Reporting category. I’d link you to something of his, but I might get sued!

If you’re interested you will find, behind the break, a typical sampling of my multimedia/online reporting work (this time for the Huffington Post’s Off The Bus project) and how it was singled-out as what that particular online political reporting project is looking for. Read the rest of this entry