Atlanta Political Blogger Andre Walker On Politicians’ Payroll


I almost titled this one You’ll Never Give Blog In This Town Again. (Would have made for poor SEO though!)

It doesn’t keep me awake at night that bloggers get paid, sometimes, to blog. That’s a good thing; most sure need the paycheck. What bothers and troubles me deeply is when they don’t disclose to their audience, with full transparency, who exactly they are blogging for… if indeed they are blogging for a client and/or a campaign.

Andre Walker of Georgia Politics Unfiltered and Peach Pundit (where I too blog) was “outed” by Atlanta Progressive News’ Matthew Cardinale:

Political blogger Andre Walker wrote dozens of blog items in favor of US Rep. David Scott (D-GA) this year but did not disclose to readers he was on Scott’s payroll. Walker runs a blog called Georgia Politics Unfiltered and also is a blogger at Peach Pundit.

Previously, Walker had faced scrutiny in the local blogger community for failing to disclose at least $1200 in payments from the Vernon Jones for US Senate Campaign 2008. According to the FEC reports, Walker was doing legislative updates; according to Walker, he was maintaining a blog for Jones called “Jonesin’ for Georgia.”

And then, it gets just downright creepy:

“I said, this young man was working with the Party, so I’ll give you a chance,” (former State Sen. Donzella) James said. James said he asked Walker not to be campaign manager anymore a few days later after Walker made public statements inconsistent with her campaign.

Now, James is wondering whether Walker was an undercover operative for Scott.

“Someone told me before I hired him, do not allow him in your office, he is with David Scott. They told me he had campaigned in the first campaign for Scott,” James said.

“Andre said that’s behind me, it’s a new day. He could have been sent to my campaign by David Scott in 2006,” James said.

James said she was leery when Andre pressured her to tell him if she had skeletons in her closet. “He said during that one week, what could they possibly say about you? You’ve got to tell me. When you look at your record, you look great. We’ve got to make sure we protect you if you have any skeletons. He said, are you sure, is there anything?”

Full story here. H/T to MUR for this one.

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  1. To be fair here…

    David Scott never paid Andre to blog.

    Georgia Politics unfiltered is Andre’s personal outlet for opinion not a news source..

    there is no legal obligation to disclose money you get professionally on something you do as a hobby.. regardless of how seriously people want to take that hobby… Its the internet people..

    Donzella James is a Hack… and she is talking about 2006 not 2008.. in 2006 i dare you to find a single positive story on Scott.. Andre was at odds with Scott on that blog for most of that year and honestly wanted to see him beaten… Priorites and opinions change and Andre is just as free to change his as anyone else.

    Donzella has since Apologized to Andre about the quotes in the rather silly APN story….

    And why I call the APN story silly…

    1. There is no quotes from the Scott Campaign.. denying it.. refusing to comment.. or of them even trying to contact them for the quotes.. thats just yellow journalism…

    2. APN is so far to the left that P.D.A. looks like a Nazi Boot Camp in comparison.

    3. APN never tried to reach Andre in any way to comment on the story or give his opinion on what they were writing.. once again.. yellow journalism

    So before you jump on the bandwagon and say.. ” this is bad ” keep in mind that the internet bloggers have no “legal requirement” to disclose anything.. most of them are not even as honest as Andre and disclose there own names much less there sources..

    Most other bloggers don’t speak on experience.. Andre is a consultant… Most other bloggers are just people with Opinions and no experience in the field to back it up.. Andre has experience, he uses it to find the stories worthy of his front page.. and its paid off well for him and the blog… He’s due the respect thats worth.

    Oh and before I finish this off.. I have to laugh at a quote from Juliana Illari in the APN posting.. ” We wondered where his money came from?” LOL, he;s a blogger.. Blogger is a free site… The company that hosts his domain name is yearly and has a rather cheap fee if you don’t host your site with them which he doesn’t since once again Blogger is free.. and the ads that he runs on his site basicly cover what little expense the site actually creates..

    So to answer Ms. Illari’s ridculous question.. would you be upset if he was selling Kool-aid for a nickel and didn’t disclose that? Because that daily income would be more than he would need to pay for a FREE SITE!


    EWInsight.. now go find your own success


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