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The legal definition of torture has been much aired in recent years, and I take “Mamma Mia!” to be a useful contribution to that debate.

Movie critic Anthony Lane in The New Yorker. And that’s your one-line movie review for the day, too.


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  1. I haven’t read the complete Anthony Lane review yet, but I will now. I loved Mama Mia! It’s a delightful treat for the eyes and ears (how the hell can you feel bad listening to ABBA?) and a perfect anti-dote to that screen-leading garbage The Dark Knight. I have seen Mama Mia! twice and still hum the tunes. I saw DK and wanted to do something to cheer me up, like check into a Turkish prison. DK is dark, evil, nothing redeeming, very little to capture interest outside of Heath Ledger’s swan song. Now I’m going to see Mama Mia! again. By the way, DK is way too long and depends…totally, except for Heath’s destruction of what the Joker is supposed to be about…on one explosion after another to keep going. Gimme a break: see someone slice a jaw or see Meryl Streep bouncing on a bed singing Dancing Queen?


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