Rusty’s (New) Blog


Well thank Gawd and Baby Jesus! Rusty Tanton, one of the first bloggers I ever met, and creator of one of the first, possibly THE first, Georgia political blog (Radical Georgia Moderate) I ever read is at it again. This time with Rusty’s Blog, where he will bog about whatever the f he cares to blog about.

I was about in tears when Rusty announced he was shutting down Radical Georgia Moderate, but I got over myself and acknowledged that longterm (lifetime?) blogging takes a toll. Sometimes it’s weary, pointless, defeating, saddening, difficult, crushing and just too compelling and needy on your time and energy. And then, sometimes you simply don’t like the directions and themes of how you were blogging along just fine for several years. You need to make a radical shift in concepts and direction, and thankfully Rusty’s done just that. We will all be better off because of his (continued) good sense and good writing.

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  1. The “possibly related posts” on here are awesome:

    Radical Mitten
    Who’s Next Wednesday – Rusty Ockenden

    Also, I think an occasional blog enema is good for everyone on occasion. Thanks for the plug!


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